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From new beginners to existing partially software tech equipped businesses looking for software and automation upgrades on all the fronts that exist for the automotive/ car workshop industry, you can never be more right in choosing Mech365 to fill the space.

When it comes to integration of tech at any point in your business for the first time or semi utilizing some of the benefits of tech before in bridging your everyday clients, their expectations, and how your team can be prepared to devise ways in getting optimal results, then you can never go wrong with Mech365.

Technology has widely seeped into every place and yes it has made a lot of things easier to do, understand and use. The interfaces are being made user-friendly that removes any complex process that connects the customer management and drives the factory towards a less complicated, much simpler, and amazingly smoother and faster in carrying out everyday business.


Going paperless is the new mantra. Both for our clutter-free space and definitely for the environment. But how would you go about it if you do not have failsafe storage and record-keeping as well as the best billing online to keep your customers as well as your updated, connected, and accessible all the time. A robust and failsafe software Mech-365 is professionally developed and tested to give you the perfect paperless experience and at the same time have the details perfectly available all the time.


Dealing with fewer interruptions for a consistent, coherent, and smooth system from the client's kiosk entry to the admin desk to the mechanical garage when the communication of requisites takes on a whole new standard of logical harmony in getting the whole place working in perfect tune. This level of seamless is what makes Mech365 a much sought after car service software for your business.

Real-time Status Updates

Make your daily work collaboration, even more, cooler by instant real-time status updates. The Mech365 software integrates you with features like job cards that give you live updates on the operations that run behind for each of your service vehicles and giving customer information at a press of the button for their queries on their favorite car status.

Your other hand.

Your resources are the key parameters in keeping the whole place running. Now add to it Mech365 that efficiently operates as your other hand in keeping every other thing happening in-house going great and find the support you need being there with Mech365.

After -Service Automation.

When the paper goes, you own every detail in your software. Following any paper-trails is no more leading the way for a better approach to customers. The very software which lets the customers connect to you and you with them also doesn’t need reminding on the follow-ups each one of your customers require. That if we know id the biggest strength that can convert your business to bring in back leads and at the same time being perfect reminders to your clients.

Take your Mech365 demo today and get going head-on in your business. Now, not just your cars roll out of your workshops but Mech365 drives home the best value to your customers.


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